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Conflict Mineral policy

                                                        Responsible Mineral Supply Chain Policy

In order to ensure the legitimacy of our tantalum raw material source, realize the traceability of tantalum raw material and also achieve the requirements of Responsible Mineral supply chains(RMI)in conflict-affected and high risk areas. We hereby solemnly and promise that our company only purchase the tantalum materials from compliance smelters with independent third-party verification.Our accredited institutions include responsible supply chain (RMI) or mutual recognition of equal authority certification organizations. Our company will communicate our responsible supply chain procurement policy to all suppliers, including subcontractors, miners and commissioned processors, and require the above types of suppliers to meet our requirements for tantalum raw material procurement. The company will conduct due diligence on the supplier's supply chain of responsible minerals in conflict-affected and high-risk areas in accordance with the OECD guidelines and provide sufficient information to prove that the company complies with relevant regulations and customer requirements. Finally, our company promises that we do not ban all purchases of tantalum materials from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, but only those minersls that lead to or exacerbate conflict, human rights violations, tax evasion and money laundering.

Conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRA) are defined as areas identified as having armed conflict, widespread violence or other areas at risk of harming people. Armed conflicts come in many forms, such as international or non-international conflicts, which may involve two or more countries and may be composed of liberation war, rebellion and civil war. High-risk areas may include areas of political instability or political oppression, institutional deficiencies, insecurity factors, collapse of civil infrastructure, and widespread violence. Such areas are often characterized by massive human rights violations, violations of international or domestic laws, etc.

Our company will audit the source of tantalum raw materials of the supplier from time to time. For suppliers who do not meet the requirements of RMI and document management of our company, we will stop purchasing business with this supplier and will no longer purchase tantalum raw materials or tantalum intermediate products provided by this company, Until it becomes a compliance supplier, re-establish business relationship.

If you have any questions,please contact the person in charge of the downstream audit of RMI of our company as follows,
Mona Li         86-512-65760786/13808419701 annali@taike-sz.com
Liping Zhang  86-512-65760786/18606212608 taike@taike-sz.com

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